The 电竞app Crest

The four symbols that make up the school seal are imbued with meaning:

橡子和橡树叶 代表经济增长. Massive oak trees grow from tiny acorns, just as 电竞app grew from a simple idea and a few students 95 years ago. When we take small and positive actions, and practice patience and perseverance, we inspire growth all around us.

犁的 represents stewardship and cultivation. If we want something to flourish—a school, 一个家庭, 一个政府, 一块土地, or a friendship—we must dedicate our care and energy. Each of us has a responsibility to be a cultivator of our communities and our own lives.

《体育电竞盘app》 represents hard work, pushing ourselves to overcome adversity. 体育电竞盘app作为人成长, move institutions forward, and improve our societies when we are willing to confront head on that which is difficult.

猫头鹰 represents our aspiration for wisdom. Our highest goal in living and learning is not wealth, 权力, 或者超越他人, it’s striving to learn how we can use knowledge to improve the quality of our lives and the health of our communities.