Teach2Serve Program

Teach2Serve is an experiential learning program that empowers students to create solutions to social or environmental problems they identify in the world. Whether starting a tutoring program in an urban elementary school or raising awareness about local food insecurity, 学生在实践中学习,并在这个过程中成为改变者.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. 事实上,它是唯一曾经拥有的东西.——玛格丽特·米德(前总统 Holmquist student and one of the most famous cultural anthropologists and philosophers of the 20th century


January 18, 2021


Teach2Serve, 这是体育电竞盘app学校开发的体验式学习项目, 是为了教育, train, and inspire high school students who want to bring about positive social change in their world. Students who complete this program will graduate from high school equipped with an effective set of leadership skills. This program is consistent with the values and respect for all humankind that 电竞app School has always promoted and puts us at the forefront of public service education for high school students.

该项目的第一年包括课程, workshops, community service, 暑期实习机会, and the development and execution of a group project to address an environmental or social problem that they care about. The program was designed for students beginning 10th or 11th grade in the fall, but applications will be considered from 电竞app students in any grade. 在第一年公共服务证书课程结束时, students may apply to be Teach2Serve Fellows and spend a second and maybe even a third year completing a capstone project that benefits a community in need or the environment. In this program, 学生在实践中学习,获得团队建设, fundraising, public speaking, 创造性解决问题, 以及项目开发技能.

We encourage you and your teen to peruse the Teach2Serve page on the 电竞app website to learn more about the program and past projects. I will hold student and parent information sessions about the program in February and applications are due on April 12, 2021. Any student excited about the opportunity to learn and apply the skills needed to bring about social change is encouraged to attend an information session, fill out an application 或联系我了解更多信息. 这是一个长期的承诺, 虽然这个项目没有学术先决条件, students should be motivated to engage in service learning and willing to work hard. I believe the students will be more than rewarded for their efforts.


Teach2Serve导演, Diane Downs 



在项目的第一年, students explore the history and philosophy of philanthropy and social change, 并在怀孕前培养各种领导技能, planning, and implementing a group project to address a social or environmental problem they have identified. Students who continue for a second year work with a teacher to develop a capstone project to address an issue of particular interest to them. 参见下面的课程细节.



在这一整年荣誉社会研究课程, 这是Teach2Serve证书课程的要求, students will study the history of philanthropy and social service in the public, private, 和非盈利部门,并确定动机, 各自的优势和局限性.  学生将在这个过程中熟悉演员, 存在的障碍, the points of entry, 以及改变的途径.  Along the way, 他们将培养团队建设等技能, communication, consensus building, conflict resolution, 创造性解决问题, 资源动员, and fundraising.  Lessons and skills will be reinforced through an examination of articles, books, 和个案研究有关的领域的需求,由班级选择.  This course also includes workshops with dynamic social entrepreneurs and professionals working in the community benefit sector.  Course requirements include readings, journal responses, group projects, and a final paper.  只对Teach2Serve项目的学生开放.…4 credits. 秋季和冬季三个月.


完成Teach2Serve项目第一年课程的学生, including a group project to address a need identified by the team, may apply for a second year to work on an individual capstone project using the skills learned in year 1. 学生们每周聚会两次以怀孕, plan, develop and implement a proposed solution to a problem or need identified by the student. 学生们开始听取受影响社区的人的意见, 教育自己, educating others, 确定他们的目标. They are asked to develop and practice an elevator pitch so they can succinctly communicate what they hope to accomplish with their project. Next, they write a vision and mission statement; a project proposal in which they identify their goals, assets, logistics, marketing plan, recruiting plan, and governance; a preliminary budget; a fundraising proposal; and a self-evaluation. 这个以学生为导向的项目的重点是边做边学.  Open to students in the second year of the Teach2Serve program only.  Non-credit course required for Teach2Serve students pursuing a capstone project.

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