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英语 is required every trimester because it provides the foundation for success in all disciplines. 在英语课程, students master the ability to think critically and to express their ideas effectively, 包括口头和书面.

体育电竞盘app教英语, 然而, 因为体育电竞盘app热爱文学和写作, and we strive to share this passion with our students. 体育电竞盘app相信阅读是一种有效的工具,通过阅读,学生可以探索和参与到他们周围的世界中. 因为这个原因, 体育电竞盘app让学生接触到来自美国的各种作家和流派, 英国, 和世界文学. The core curriculum is supplemented by an array of electives inspired by 教师 and student interest.

此外, we believe that there is joy and satisfaction in using words efficiently and effectively. We encourage our students to use 写作 to enhance their thinking and communicate their thoughts. 学生们写作的体裁多种多样, 包括解释性写作, 自由写作, 创意写作, 杂志写文章, 剧本写作和诗歌——并通过编辑体验写作过程, 修订, 和校对. 如果你有任何关于体育电竞盘app学校英语系的问题, 请联系系主任Sarah May:

如果你有任何关于体育电竞盘app学校英语系的问题, please contact department chair Sarah May at smay@luxdesignonline.com.



英语 9: An Introduction to Literary Genres: 本课程的学生将通过对小说的关注,使自己成为文学的热心读者, 诗歌, 和戏剧. 除了阅读代表每个体裁的长期建立的权威文本, 体育电竞盘app也会考虑当代作家在这些流派上的进一步发展. Despite the vast expanse of time these texts permit us to travel, 体育电竞盘app将观察几个世纪以来迫使作家们阅读的一些持久的主题和问题. 个人在社会中属于什么位置? 体育电竞盘app的价值观和信仰是如何在这个问题产生的张力中发展起来的? Why do writers employ particular forms 和流派 in order to engage with those and other questions? What does each genre offer to that engagement? 学生也将被要求磨练自己的创造性和批判性的写作技巧在多种体裁. We will employ a process-based composition model that encourages 深思熟虑的ness and preparation. Recognizing at all times that 写作 is re写作, students will work on editing and revising their compositions using a workshop-style model. We will also work on building our fluency with grammatical conventions 和词汇. This course includes a mandatory summer reading assignment. 要求. 6学分不需要教材

优异的英语 9: An Introduction to Literary Genres: 荣誉英语9, students are introduced to the various elements of 诗歌, 戏剧, 短篇小说和长篇小说以及经过加工的写作技巧. Together we will spend the year reading from a variety of sources, 检查诗歌的组成部分, 戏剧, and fiction (短篇小说 and longer works). 当体育电竞盘app发展精读技巧和掌握文学探究的词汇时, we will consider the ways in which individuals, 社区, 值, 和旅行互动, 网, 和冲突. 体育电竞盘app还将探讨人类如何努力创造身份认同, 往往来自各种复杂的因素, 想想人类是如何为自己的生活建立一个内在的意义系统的, 受自身经历和社会强加的价值观的影响. 课程将包括讨论, 讲座, 独立的项目, 和组工作, and a workshop approach to developing formal 论文 and 有创意的 pieces in a variety of modes. Vocabulary development will grow out of work with texts; 语法 instruction will be in response to issues that arise 9 in student 写作. We will engage in a considerable amount of close reading, 特别强调审查作者的声音和它在每个文本中的作用. This course includes a mandatory summer reading assignment. 前提条件:由老师推荐,8年级英语课成绩达到B+或以上. 荣誉,6学分

英语10:世界文学: 在这门课, 学生们阅读和研究世界文学,熟悉某些文学批评流派. 通过小说, 短篇小说, 诗歌和口述故事, 本课程探讨因国籍而常被忽视的文学, 种族, 作者的种族或性别. 1)主要从一个特定地区的“伟大著作”的经典或从世界的“伟大著作”的经典中阅读是重要的? 2) What are the expectations for reading in an academic setting, 为什么这种阅读方式是必须的? 从比较世界各地不同的文学风格中可以得到什么? 体育电竞盘app如何利用接触各种文学作品来发展自己的写作呢? 5) When reading literature, is it important to pay attention to the historical context of each work? 6) Is it important to be able to formally analyze literature – and what does formal 分析 entail? The course is designed to improve students' skills in 写作 style, 写力学, 文本分析, 和词汇. This course includes a mandatory summer reading assignment. 全球必修,6学分. 不需要课本

荣誉英语10:世界文学: 荣誉英语10级课程是一门世界文学课程,与标准英语10级课程采用相同的问题和文本,并从这些问题和文本转向新的材料. Students interested in the 荣誉 version of 英语 10 should want the following: to read at a challenging pace which will allow the class to tackle additional material; to move through both the standard 英语 10 语法 and 写作 skills as well as advanced 语法 and 写作 skills; to take on a variety of 写作 challenges that will push students to hone their skills; to master more vocabulary, 无论是作为一个群体还是个人, than that taken on in the standard course; and to learn an advanced vocabulary useful in the 文本分析. Thus, the 优异的英语 10 course expects extra effort and a greater time commitment from students. The course is built for students who love reading, 写作, 分析, 语法, 还有词汇——以及那些想要与其他志趣相投的学生合作的人. This course includes a mandatory summer reading assignment. 前提条件:由老师推荐,英语成绩达到B+或以上,荣誉英语成绩达到B或以上. 全球、荣誉. 6学分不需要教材

英语11:美国文学 英语11, we read classic and contemporary works by American writers, 包括(但不限于)爱默生, 梭罗, 坡, 霍桑, 梅尔维尔, 吐温, 惠特曼, 迪金森, 和金斯堡. Moving backward in time From the Beat 坡ts of the 1960s to the origins of our country; students in 英语 11 are exposed to a broad swath of American literary 风格, 类型, 和方法. 体育电竞盘app读垮掉派和现代主义诗歌, 失落的一代短篇小说, 爵士乐时代的小说, 一部红色恐怖时代的戏剧, 和一部莎士比亚的戏剧, 举几个例子. 除了不同的阅读材料, each trimester students study a minimum of three vocabulary lists drawn from the reading, as well as a minimum of three 语法 concepts. Students hone their 写作 skills by 写作 journals, papers, and 有创意的 assignments. 英语11也包括各种各样的其他评估,包括课堂讨论, 交互编辑, 测试, 和测验. This course includes a mandatory summer reading assignment. 必修,6学分 

荣誉英语11: 美国文学:荣誉英语11, we read classic and contemporary works by American writers, 包括(但不限于)爱默生, 梭罗, 坡, 霍桑, 梅尔维尔, 吐温, 惠特曼, 迪金森, 和金斯堡. We also push beyond these classic works to read more nontraditional, 但是历史束缚的作品, 就像布道, 历史, 信, 和期刊. 英语11年级的学生将接触到大量的美国文学风格, 类型, 和方法 as well as primary source documents. 除了不同的阅读材料, 学生需要学习相关的和高级的词汇和语法概念. Students will hone their 写作 skills by 写作 journals, papers, and 有创意的 assignments. 英语11包括各种各样的其他评估,包括课堂讨论, 交互编辑, 测试, 和测验. 这门课程是为那些想要在英语学科上更进一步的学生而设计的,并且要求学生在阅读方面有较高的投入, 写作, 和课堂讨论. This course includes a mandatory summer reading assignment. Prerequisite: recommendation of teacher and a B+ or better in 10th grade 英语 and 历史. 荣誉. 6学分教材:《体育电竞盘app》Vol. A & B Eighth Edition ISBN-13: 5, ISBN-10: 0393913090

American Studies (荣誉 American Literature): 这门两年制的课程将美国文学荣誉与美国历史荣誉结合起来. 通过关注经济, 社会, and political connections between the literature and the history, 体育电竞盘app试图把这两门学科结合起来. As an in-depth exploration of American history and the development of a distinct American literature, this course attempts to replicate an introductory college experience in terms of pace, 体积, 材料的复杂性. 在这门课, we embed the works of the major American writers (Irving, 库珀, 爱默生, 梭罗, 坡, 霍桑, 梅尔维尔, 吐温, 惠特曼, 迪金森, 霜, 如金斯伯格等).S. 历史背景,将文学与历史发展联系起来. A variety of historical texts will be employed, 包括主要来源, 统计汇编, 和次要来源. 人数是有限的. This course includes a mandatory summer reading assignment. Prerequisite: recommendation of teacher and a B+ or better in 10th grade 英语 and 历史. 荣誉. 12学分教材:诺顿美国文学选集Vol. A & B Eighth Edition ISBN-13: 5, ISBN-10: 0393913090

美联英语文学 & 成分: 选修AP英语文学课程的学生 & Composition will be introduced to the rigors and pleasures of a college-level literature course. 为了让学生对AP考试所包含的材料的广度有所准备, we will consider works of literature from a wide array of periods, 运动, 文化, 和流派. We will also refine our critical lexicons through an extensive engagement with literary terminology. By developing fluency with that terminology, we will be better prepared to participate in the ongoing conversation of literary study. While the backbone of the course will be 深思熟虑的 discussion, 学生将被要求完成一些课堂写作练习,类似于在考试中遇到的那些. In addition to these in-class 写作 assignments, 学生将会在课外写出更优美的文章和回答, 展出的体贴, 结构, and strength of argument necessary for successful 写作. 获得3分的学生, AP英语文学和写作考试成绩为4或5分的学生可以获得大学学分和/或他们所就读的大学的先修课程. 本课程包括暑期必修的阅读与写作作业. Prerequisite: recommendation of instructor and a B+ or better in American Studies 优异的英语, 优异的英语, 或A-或英语11级以上. AP, 6学分



创造性的非小说类: 一些最强大的, 深思熟虑的, and culturally significant 写作 is found in the 论文 of writers like Joan Didion, 大卫•福斯特•华莱士, and others who are published under the genre “有创意的 nonfiction.“与这一历史, 观察, 实验写作形式, 学生将阅读和分析文章, 生产原创内容, and give meaningful feedback to one another. The habits and skills developed in this course are useful for those interested in journalism, 文化研究, 和创意写作. This class may also be taken for 社会研究 credit. 荣誉,2学分

打击“假新闻”: “假新闻”一词的含义已无所不包,从故意捏造的虚假信息,到仅仅让被质疑者感到不舒服的报道. 体育电竞盘app是如何走到这一步的? This elective attempts to answer this question, first by looking at the ways our own biases can color our judgements of the media we consume, and how certain media outlets exploit those biases. 然后,体育电竞盘app试图自己确定什么才是真正的新闻报道, 并研究技术和企业力量是如何使这类新闻(特别是地方和印刷新闻)陷入困境的. With a deeper understanding of psychology and the media ecosystem, those who finish this course will be able spot, 和防御, 各种媒体操纵. This class may also be taken for 社会研究 credit. 2学分不需要教材

个人论文写作: 你承载着无数的故事. Your memories, your experiences and your thoughts are all inside you waiting to get out. 这是你脱手的机会. 在这门课上, we will learn how to craft succinct, spellbinding, superb personal 论文. 把自我当作主体, we will learn how to plumb our own experiences to create riveting, 可读的, 叙事散文. 我觉得你没什么故事可讲? 再想想. 从沉重的到看似渺小的,体育电竞盘app的故事就是体育电竞盘app的组成部分. 去布拉格度假时迷路了? 你从篱笆里救了一只鸟? The way your mom used to leave you notes in your lunchbox? Visiting your grandmother as she slowly forgot who you were? 这些都是故事,如果精雕细琢,写得好,就会成为好文章. 它们让读者思考、感受和联系. 这就是体育电竞盘app的目标. 在这门课上, 体育电竞盘app想要找到你内心的故事,唤起普遍的想法和情感:快乐, 悲伤, 恐惧, 真理, 身份, 想知道. Yes, this class will be helpful to those of you aiming to write an epic college admissions essay. 然而,这也是一个为想要学习写作技巧的故事讲述者开设的课程. The focus of the class is on making our 论文 compelling, vivid, 结构d and meaningful. 整体, we will find out what stories are hiding inside us, and learn to tell them beautifully. 2学分不需要教材



的年龄: “All children, except one, grow up,” wrote J.M. Barrie to launch the classic story of Peter Pan. 然而,体育电竞盘app是如何成长的呢? When does childhood end and adulthood begin? 在这门课上, 体育电竞盘app将探索这些经历, 实现, tensions and awakenings that are part of the coming of age process. We will look at what it has meant to come of age in literature, 同时也要研究数字时代是如何改变体育电竞盘app现在成长的方式的. 今天的青少年成长得更快吗? Or, like Peter Pan, do they not grow up at all? 为了回答这些问题, 体育电竞盘app将使用神话, 童话, 短篇小说, 论文, 绘画, poems and film to understand what it means to navigate the passage between childhood and adulthood. We will also explore the consequences of growing up under the constant scrutiny of the internet. 在整个课程中, students will be prompted to reflect on their own coming of age, with 写作 assignments that include personal 论文, 回忆录小插曲, 和诗歌. 学生将通过编写一个作品集来结束12门课程,其中收集了他们在三个月期间最好的作品. 整体, the goal of this 英语 elective is to delve into the coming of age topic in a dynamic way, with a classroom full of students who are living the theme. 2学分,不需要教材

新闻: 知道真相. 弄清楚事情的真相. 书写要清晰、简洁、优美. These are the goals of this class designed to offer students a crash course in journalism. 在这门英语选修课中, students will learn how to 结构 an article, 发展报告技能, 找到可靠的来源, 成功面试, 写准确的故事, 清晰的, 有创意的, 有益的和令人信服的. In addition to learning how to write news stories, 特性, 概要文件和社论, students will also read Pulitzer Prizewinning articles to study the best examples of journalism today. 沿着这条路, we will also discuss the history of journalism, 媒体的进化, 新闻伦理, photojournalism and what to do about “alternative facts.” Students will be assessed based on weekly 写作 assignments and class participation. 2学分,不需要教材

阅读 & 写诗: 什么是诗歌? 为什么读诗? 诗歌和我有什么关系? 诗歌对社会有什么影响呢? 这些问题,以及更多与理解诗歌的难度和价值有关的问题,都是本课程的主题. 通过学习各种诗歌术语, 风格, 学生将获得复杂的理解涉及阅读和写作诗歌的复杂元素. 学生们将阅读和分析各种古典和当代诗歌,并尝试创作自己的诗歌. 评估将基于测验、论文、专题和原创诗歌. 前提条件:有老师推荐,英语成绩一般在B或以上, or better in 优异的英语 11 or American Studies. 荣誉,2学分

搜索 for Enlightenment: World Religions and Beyond对精神生活的渴望一直是人类历史的驱动力,也是人类文化的重要组成部分. 在这门课程中(研究历史), 社会学, 还有文学)体育电竞盘app调查“主要的”和不太为人所知的信仰和实践, and we examine texts that feature individuals and characters who search for enlightenment. 体育电竞盘app希望学生们能在研究课程材料的同时审视自己的生活和世界. 对自我反省持开放态度或对思想史感兴趣的学生应该会发现这门课程特别有启发性. This class may also be taken for 社会研究 credit. 全球,2学分. 不需要课本

南非的故事在这门课中,体育电竞盘app将通过短篇小说和戏剧来研究南非现实生活中的反乌托邦种族隔离时代. We will discuss the power of literature as a political tool, and the role of 写作 for self-actualization. For fifty years, apartheid laws in South Africa imposed racism and segregation on the population. Those who resisted, such as Nelson Mandela, were harshly punished. Writers protested by telling stories, both from within South Africa and from without as exiles. 通过他们的故事, we will explore the complex human experiences in a society divided for many generations by race. This class fulfills a global studies program credit. 前提条件:有老师推荐,英语成绩达到B或以上, 美国研究的成绩是B-或者更好. 全球. 2学分. 不需要课本

写作在大学: For many students research papers remain mystifying, 不自然的(甚至是痛苦的), 但如果方法正确,这个过程可以很简单. By acknowledging the presence of research in our own lives, 采用有系统的指导实践, 本课程旨在将书面研究成果从令人痛苦和陌生的东西转变为一种可以自信地随意使用的技能. If this is a set of tools you want in your kit, and you are willing to commit some time to make that happen, then this course should help make you ripe for the task. This class may also be taken for 社会研究 credit. 2学分不需要教材 



走进荒野:写作与生活中的自然: To be in the woods is a basic human desire that many great writers have used as their subject. 正如谢丽尔·斯特雷德(Cheryl Strayed)的回忆录《电竞app》(Wild)所描述的那样,那里有治愈的力量. There is adventure, as is tragically recounted in John Krakauer's nonfiction book, Into the Wild. 爱默生和梭罗的散文中也反映了启蒙思想. This class will use literature as its starting point, focusing on the 写作s mentioned above and more as well as film, and then will move beyond the classroom and into the subject itself, 自然, with occasional outdoor excursions and journaling. This class may also be taken for 社会研究 credit. 教材:《体育电竞盘app》,ISBN-10: 9780385486804, ISBN-13: 4

公共演讲: 本课程的目的是让学生掌握正式演讲和演讲的技巧和方法,并培养即兴演讲的能力. 学生们将体验到各种各样的实际应用,以及至少五种不同类型的演讲,包括励志演讲, 通知, 说服, 展示和娱乐. Students are evaluated: on each of their formal prepared speeches; on their performance in improvisational speaking; and on their final speech in front of the whole school. This class may also be taken for 社会研究 credit. 2学分不需要教材

短篇小说写作: 你喜欢假装吗? 故事和情节是否在你的脑海中滚动,祈求你把它们写下来? 你的潜意识里是否充满了不寻常的人物,祈求被倾听? Or, perhaps after years of 写作 academic papers, do you want to just cut loose and try something different? 这门课是为那些相信或想要相信写作可以很有趣的人开设的. 在这门课上, we will tackle the classic art of short story 写作 by reading 短篇小说 and 写作 our own. 学生每天都可以收到随机的写作提示, 旨在伸展体育电竞盘app的创意写作肌肉和产生故事想法. 在整个课程中, students will fill their figurative writer’s toolbox, as we discuss various 写作 techniques including developing plot, 建立角色, 创建的语气, 发展中叙述声音, 写对话, 使用巧妙的语言. 这门课的目标是找出是什么让好的故事如此引人入胜, 引人入胜的, 有趣的和有效的, and then attempt to write our own stories that are compelling, 引人入胜的, 有趣的和有效的. 所以,来分享你的故事吧. 让你的想象力驰骋吧. 把你的伪装写下来. 2学分,不需要教材

冯内古特 & 《电竞app》: 库尔特·冯内古特被广泛认为是现代喜剧和社会批判大师. 在这门课, 体育电竞盘app将阅读冯内古特的作品选段, as well as the 写作 of other modern authors who use satire as a means of criticism, 嘲笑, 和阻力. Inspired by these sharp-and-funny-people-who-force-us-to-think, 体育电竞盘app将创作自己的作品,评论体育电竞盘app居住的世界. 课程包括阅读、讨论、创意写作和分析性写作. 2学分,不需要教材