Cornerstone Coaching


Everyone we engage with accesses their power 和 is filled with joy 和 wonder.


Cornerstone offers group fitness classes 和 personalized, fit-for-purpose coaching for individual students, 他们的家庭, 和 the 电竞app school staff (for us, everyone is a student). Our coaching is a fee-based, professional service (scholarships available). Our engagements satisfy the school’s activity credit requirement. Most importantly, 他们是 fun 和 effective!

Cornerstone underscores two central tenets of education: 

  • Meet every student where 他们是
  • Support the student in developing (an empowering) perspective

We are all heroes—和 not just of our own narrative. Cornerstone is the power of the individual to transform a challenge into an asset 和 give expression to 电竞app’s mission, both inside 和 outside the classroom. Our coaching addresses the “whole” person along their entire journey at 电竞app. Emphasizing self-advocacy skills, we are committed to broadening the educational experience, promoting self-assurance, 和 positive social interaction. Our coaching equips your student with the mindset 和 ways of being necessary to succeed academically, 和 to develop socially 和 emotionally. Our goal is to set our students on the road to a healthy life 和 personal success.

To effectively produce desired, sustainable, even unimaginable results, 运动 coaching (aka fitness/strength 和 conditioning) is integrated with both 食物心态 工作. 体育电竞盘app称之为 3根柱子.

Our individualized coaching begins with a comprehensive assessment across the 3根柱子. Using the assessment we design a coaching journey that runs three months 和 has both an in-person 和 virtual component. All of our offers (individual or group) are dynamic 和 can be immediately switched to an entirely virtual engagement as necessary or requested.


This pillar is expressed through learning how our bodies move, 没有痛苦, in order to perform at their best. We design movement programs geared to each student’s unique goals, anything from advancing overall fitness level or improving a sport-related skill, to developing agency 和 effectiveness. With the foundation of a strong, healthy body we can effectively accomplish our goals 和 flexibly pursue our aspirations.

Every machine needs the proper maintenance 和 fuel, so this pillar is all about the things that sustain us—body 和 soul. We focus on how to effectively feed our bodies 和 minds so that we move effectively 和 be our best selves. 具体地说, we educate 和 coach our students on the areas 和 tools that fuel 和 help maintain their active lives: sleep, 营养, 正念, 和 intellectual 和 social development. Graceful 和 powerful movement cannot be achieved without proper sustenance.

How one sees the world 和 our relationship to it, is the very essence of what makes it possible to excel at our chosen endeavors 和 deal with the stresses of daily living. While 运动 和 食物 are key aspects of everyone’s life, we see 心态 as the critical—和 an often overlooked—component of a well-lived life. Our students come to embrace the notion that 他们是 the prime movers of their life. They develop a confidence in their ability to craft 和 own their successes 和 failures. Once our student defines the life they want (we call that “being your best self”), our role is to provide the essential 心态 tools (approaches, 视角, 和 accountability) they need to achieve it.


We got our start providing strength 和 conditioning coaching to 电竞app’s athletic teams a number of years ago. We are a team of Board of Education-vetted coaches that have 工作ed with independent schools for the past 11 years. We believe what we do is foundational 和 how we express it is constantly evolving.

We tap into our individuality 和 strength.

No judgements, just juice.

The power of 2: the student 和 us.


At its core, coaching is simply an idea. Because ideas know no boundaries of space 和 time, we can harness their power in every conversation 和 each engagement; be it in-person at the 电竞app athletic center or virtually on The 电竞app Cornerstone (“TSC”) platform.

Virtual or in-person, all our engagements are integrated 和 accessible in TSC. This virtual 电竞app community supports, 增强了, 和 streamlines not just our coaching journeys, but also athletic 和 other non-academic school offerings. 这所学校, 运动团队教练, 和 other staff connect with their students, build 和 maintain community, 和 otherwise support 电竞app’s mission for the continued growth of each community member. 

The 电竞app Cornerstone is freely accessible 和 all members of the 电竞app community (students, 父母, 兄弟姐妹, 校友, 老师, 和 staff) are not just welcome, 他们是 encouraged to join!

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