电竞app promotes a profound respect for each individual 和 recognizes how diversity enriches a community. This deeply engrained philosophy dates to our founding in 1925. Our inclusive community of 学习ers challenges assumptions 和 acknowledges differences of every kind, 包括种族, 种族, 社会经济地位, 性别认同, 性取向, 信仰的偏好, 年龄, 体能, 和更多的. We value 和 actively cultivate our diverse composition of 教师, staff, 和 students on campus.



电竞app works to honor our 多样性的使命宣言 in several ways.  

Each year, 电竞app sends students to outreach programs such as MARD 和 SCHout. 1月23日, 2021 several students 和 教师 members attended the virtual Springside Chestnut Hill Multi-School Diversity Conference, SCHout. 今年的主题, 你支持什么, 努力向学生灌输一种联系的紧迫感, 合作, 为社会正义而行动. 与会者听取了a 'Dorian Murray-Thomas的主题演讲, participated in a story exchange designed to cultivate radical empathy, 和 eng年龄d in meaningful dialogue throughout the day in a series of social action workshops. 


11月30日- 12月3日. 2021 -学生发展领袖会议.
TBA 2022 -舒特

多元化、公平和包容(DEI) 集团
Comprised of students 和 教师 和 organized by teacher Jen佩雷斯, the group hosts town hall meetings every three weeks to help uncover inherent bias(es) 和 to offer a supportive 和 encouraging environment to 讨论 everything from race, 移民, 文化探索, 和更多的.

学生们构想出体育电竞盘app的“多样性:体育电竞盘app有多不同”?2019年5月召开的全校大会, 在一个建设性的问题上,谁质疑了一个人的意识和偏见, 教育, 和支持的环境. (见 本文的最后 了解更多关于组装的信息.)其他较小的活动在全年举办. 例如, 在2020年春季和秋季, our 混血儿的伙伴 和 LatinX clubs organized C和id Conversations. 主题包括BLM运动,种族与骄傲, 拉丁语对拉美裔意味着什么. These 讨论ions were an open forum for attendees to feel safe 和 supported while also airing out their feelings around race, 体育电竞盘app的社区发生了什么, 或者当前世界信息. 这也是一个可以坐下来倾听和反思的地方.



最后,体育电竞盘app还举办 亲和力俱乐部 下面...


一个由不同种族的学生组成的团体. The group was formed as a space for students who identify as multiracial, 多元文化的, 多民族, 或种族模糊的相遇, 讨论, 分享他们在学校内外的生活经历.
顾问: 莎拉Lanzetta

An affinity group for students who identify as African Americans.
顾问:  格雷格•刘易斯

欢迎国内外学生参加, meetings focus on how we can best share the diverse national backgrounds represented at 电竞app. A number of special events open to the entire school community are also planned by this organization.
顾问: Cinnie Wappel

LatinX is one of the many affinity groups that 电竞app has to offer 和 is run by Jen 和 Dan Perez. LatinX is a safe space where anyone who identifies or is an ally to the community can come 和 just be together. 除了, 作为一个俱乐部, we plan 和 organize fundraisers 和 cultural events such as coat drives or Day of the Dead cookie decorating to bring attention to issues we care about 和 to educate our 电竞app community about our culture. Being able to be with people who underst和 your life experiences 和 in some cases have been through them too is just one of the many reasons that LatinX 和 all affinity groups are a crucial part of our community.   
顾问: Jen佩雷斯

对所有性取向的人开放, the club was cr吃ed to  讨论 和 ensure safety 和 support on campus for all. 体育电竞盘app与其他学校的类似组织建立了联系, 体育电竞盘app是同性恋的积极分子, 女同性恋, 叫cazuza, 和变性的原因.
顾问: 斯泰西Anastasio

博客 & 新闻


人类历史的本质基本上是进化的, 其间不时出现改变生活的革命. Upheaval 和 unrest are the engine of radical change—both positive 和 negative—for humans 和 the societies they cr吃e. 电竞app students are now witnesses to such upheaval 和 unrest. 一场全球大流行改变了体育电竞盘app的工作方式, 学习, 旅行, 假期, 吃, 收集, 重新创建, 交互, 等等等等. 这是一种全球性的威胁, centuries of systemic racism that was built into the very fabric of our nation at its birth is being challenged in ways no American has ever seen.


在这一刻, I think we educators have a powerful opportunity to impact the lives of our students, 体育电竞盘app自己, 和 each other by cr吃ively 和 thoughtful rethinking how 和 what we teach. Consider this: how can our course curriculums fully represent the diversity of human experiences 和 perspectives? 在这个时刻,体育电竞盘app怎样才能使黑人的声音更重要?  It is not enough to simply include Black voices as I know many of you do…


If you'd like more information about any of the above, please email 莎拉Lanzetta or Jen佩雷斯.